• What is Kidwings?

    KIDWINGS is a 100% outdoor school and summer camp located in beautiful sunny San Diego. Operating year-round, KW offers half-day programming for ages 3-8 and a memorable nature camp experience in the summer months.

    Kidwings is a magical, holistic classroom with the sky as its roof, where kids have wings to fly with the freedom to explore and be themselves. Our goal is to make children connect with their hearts through nature, free play, and creativity. We provide a loving space that supports children’s wellbeing through nature, stories (nurturing and healing), movement (yoga moves), creative art, meditation (breathing), and music (we compose our own songs as we dance with the flowers and trees). We aim to help children with life lessons and skills that will help them develop self-confidence and self-love to navigate life’s challenges with greater understanding – of themselves and others – and greater resilience.

    Every day we provide the appropriate tools and environment where kids can become aware and connected to their own body, manage their emotions, trust their instincts, have compassion for others, take care of mother earth, and be genuine communicators. In Kidwings we stimulate creativity and imagination as we develop the innate value of each child as a unique expression of love, generating self-awareness, spiritual connection, and physical and emotional health.

    Our program offers a Spanish immersion where children develop the skills to understand a different language, improving their cognitive abilities, memory, attention, and decision-making skills among other advantages.

  • “Let’s raise children who won’t have to recover from their childhoods.”Pam Leo

    We Grow Up Playing in Nature
  • We Grow Up Playing in Nature Play, Learn and Grow Together!

    More than ever, with the development of new technologies, children require real experiences. A child should learn what a flower is by seeing it in the field, observing it in its context, with its leaves, branches and plants surrounding it, discover that one day it was born and that over time it loses its colors.
    We have a new class on Fridays Spanish in Nature with Ms. Brenda!! !! Come and Join us
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