Why nature is beneficial to our children?

marzo 27, 2019
  • Because nature supports movement and expression.
  • Because nature stimulates imagination and creativity.
  • Because nature is not invasive or over stimulating.
  • Because nature reduces anxiety and stress.
  • Because nature is healthy.
  • Because nature favors concentration.
  • Because nature increases self-esteem.
  • Because nature increases the ability to adapt.
  • Because nature promotes optimal development at all levels of the child.

In the woods, between pines and oaks, in the mud and baskets, under the pine cones and branches, there are secrets… Children are in their prime to discover those secrets and grow emotionally through these experience. Nature is the ideal learning environment -every day we discover and learn through free play, nature is an endless source of stimuli, experiences.This natural environment is ideal for free play because it is a wide and diverse space that offers a multitude of varied stimuli and neutral materials. The possibilities of interpreting this world creatively are endless.The open spaces allow children and young people to move and develop play scenarios with great flexibility. Due to the extent of the playing field, they can satisfy their need for movement freely. Landscape diversity encourages physical ability and stimulates the mindIn open spaces, noise is not trapped as in enclosed spaces, so it created a calmer context where children and youth tune into this tranquility and therefore are much more receptive. The abundance of natural materials and space helps maintain harmony and collaboration, creating a healthy and enjoyable play culture.


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