The Program

The program is inspired by the long-established forest schools of Northern Europe, where children enjoy the outdoors year-round.
  • Outdoor children can breathe, run, climb, invent, learn, relate, and grow. Nature is their classroom.

    In times when technology is the norm and emotional and spiritual disconnection is arising we are in desperate need of more programs that promote real connection. Currently, in our country, there is a shortage of educational programs with these characteristics, where nature is the center of learning and where the child is seen from a holistic approach, nurturing the child as a whole -intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.

    We, at Kidwings, believe that each child (each seed) contains everything necessary to grow in an environment where love and respect are nurtured deeply. Nature, life, wood, water, earth… accompany us on our path. Each day is ly as we follow the rhythm of the children and propose es that fulfill their needs.

    We believe that children should spend time playing in quiet spaces that allow connection, movement, and restoration of the whole being.

  • Pricing Plans

    • One day

      per week

      $65/ Day
    • 2 Days

      per week.

      $100 / Week
    • 3 Days

      per week.

      $150/ week
    • 4 Days

      per week.

      $200/ Week